We have 15 yrs of expert experience in HIV managed care. We deliver cost effective services "tailor made" to each client.

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One of SA's largest independant disease management companies, providing complete HIV and AIDS programs to...

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LifeSense Disease Management will tailor-make an individual product dependant on your location, risk profile and...

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Welcome to LifeSense Disease Management

Part of the Lifesense Group Health Risk Management & Investment Company, LifeSense Disease Management is the HIV/AIDS management program that services the South African public through corporate contracts and medical schemes.

The reality
The impact of HIV/AIDS on South Africa’s workforce cannot be underestimated.  All categories of employees are at risk, and the current statistic for infection in the workplace is approximately 20%.  This infection rate will have a disastrous impact on employers and retailers in the near future, as consumer-buying patterns will change drastically.  South Africa is currently referred to as the “AIDS capital of the world.”  The majority of people affected are the economically active population between the ages of 20 and 48, and a large proportion of these infected individuals do not belong to medical schemes and thus do not have access to life sustaining HIV therapy.

HIV/AIDS will be the main cause of rocketing costs within employer groups and there is no escaping this fact.  The best investment that an employer can make is to provide managed HIV/AIDS benefits to its members.

The impact
The impact of HIV/AIDS is increasing everyday.  Untreated employees will affect companies in the following manner:

  • Productivity will decrease
  • Absenteeism will increase
  • Life expectancy projected to fall from 68.2 years without the aids epidemic, to 48
  • Negative impact on staff morale
  • Prejudice amongst staff
  • Staff turnaround time will increase as employees become disabled or die.
  • As a result training and employment costs will increase.
  • Company liability will increase as employees not covered by medical schemes, or alternatively covered by medical schemes not offering HIV benefits, could approach the company for loans for medical expenses and funeral costs.
  • It has been projected that HIV/AIDS will add 15% to a company’s remuneration budget in the next 5 years.
  • The disastrous effect on companies pension funds

The solution
HIV/AIDS is a chronic manageable disease.  If the employee receives appropriate treatment, productivity can be increased substantially before the employee progresses to the AIDS stage.  Early detection and an appropriate management intervention are hence essential in increasing the productivity of employees and decreasing the impact of this disease on the balance sheet.

The recommendation
LifeSense Disease management (pty) Ltd have a programme that is in use by a number of large medical schemes and employers and which has been immensely effective in preventing the costs to employers as mentioned above.  LifeSense Disease Management are able to offer a cost effective managed programme to ensure the individual is not only treated, but also managed to ensure correct usage of medication and ensuring adherence to the specific treatment regimen.