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Accidental Exposure to Possible HIV Exposure to HIV could be crime related such as rape – and INSTANT counselling and ACCESS to post exposure medication is available through the call centre. STEP ONE Qualified counsellors specifically trained to counsel members will process the case STEP TWO Post exposure anti retroviral drugs will be despatched anywhere within the country, receiving the medication within 24 hours. STEP THREE Case Manager will contact and counsel the member daily for up to 5 days. STEP FOUR A personalised treatment programme will be designed to best treat the exposure, Case managers are in contact once per week for 4 weeks depending on the state of mind. Thereafter once or twice per month as necessary LifeSense Disease Management are able to provide accidental post exposure benefits to funders, which will cover all staff and direct family of the staff member in the event of exposure to possible HIV infected fluids.  The cost to belong to the program is minimal in relation to the benefits that are provided.

Please contact us should you wish to have a formal presentation on the product benefits.